Integrated Biometrics to Showcase Military-Grade Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Tech

Fingerprint BiometricsFingerprint-scanner developer Integrated Biometrics will be showcasing its technology at two major conference events this month. The company will be at London, England’s Biometrics 2014 conference, and the Annual IACP Conference and Exposition taking place in Orlando, Florida.

As we’ve noted a lot here lately, the biometrics business is booming, and with fingerprint sensors increasingly finding their way onto both high- and low-end mobile phones and mobile commerce rapidly expanding with platforms like Apple Pay, it’s a good time for a company like Integrated Biometrics to show off its wares at a big industry show like Biometrics 2014.

The IACP could be the real provider of the company’s bread and butter, though. It’s the International Association of Police, an event that draws over 13,000 attendees in the law enforcement field, many of whom will be interested in Integrated Biometrics’ FBI-certified fingerprint sensors.

Thomas Buss, Integrated Biometrics’ Business Development Executive, is going to be talking about the company’s new LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology, which the company says represents a paradigm shift for the industry, as it offers military-quality technology with mobile applications. Given governments’ growing appetite for biometric security solutions at various scales – and especially for law enforcement agencies – LES should go over pretty well at both conferences.

October 28, 2014 – by Alex Perala