Integrated Biometrics to Launch ‘Game-Changing’ Biometric Device at connect:ID

Integrated Biometrics is planning a major product launch at next week’s connect:ID expo.Integrated Biometrics to Launch 'Game-Changing' Biometric Device at connect:ID

The company says it will showcase its entire product lineup at booth 111 in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, but in a press release Integrated Biometrics also says it will also unveil a new “game-changing product” at a special event “for invited guests and biometrics VIPs.” Commenting on the new product, Integrated Biometrics president Mike Grimes said, “We truly feel it will be a game-changer for challenges like voter registration, border control, national ID programs and law enforcement.”

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The company has previously hinted at a forthcoming ten-print roll scanner for fingerprint capture planned for launch at connect:ID, but hasn’t yet revealed any other details on the device.

What is clear is that Integrated Biometrics plans to aim the new product at some large potential clients, given the range of applications outlined by Grimes. And given the company’s experience offering its technologies to government agencies for applications in areas such as elections and law enforcement, it should be able to make a strong case for itself as it unveils its newest major product.

March 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala