Integrated Biometrics Welcomes Security Integration Expert

Biometric ID, National IDIntegrated Biometrics is welcoming a seasoned veteran of the security industry to its staff roster. Andrew Flood joins the team in a leadership role in the area of partner services infrastructure.

In a statement, Integrated Biometrics asserted that Flood has 18 years’ experience in security and has worked in “biometrics, video analytics, surveillance, security, counter-terrorism and access control at high-visibility facilities.” For his part, Flood emphasized the importance of “ergonomics and ease-of-use challenges” in client integrations, suggesting this would be an area of focus in his work with the company. He also pointed to the rise of mobile biometrics systems, noting that with this technology “integrators are craving a very small footprint, low power requirements, high tolerance for environmental issues, and the ability to put a higher resolution scanner into the field.”

That’s where Integrated Biometrics’ light, efficient, FBI-certified fingerprint sensors come into play. The company’s Columbo fingerprint scanner has been used to identify teachers in Pakistan’s remote villages, while its Watson Mini scanners were recently sought to register the biometric data of Brazilian voters. And as Flood points out, the breadth of opportunities for integrating the company’s technology extends far beyond those deployments. “Our LES technology allows integrators to put FBI-Certified biometrics in devices they couldn’t before,” he said.

November 5, 2015 – by Alex Perala