Integrated Biometrics Reports 2000+ First Month Orders of FIVE-0 Device

Integrated Biometrics has received over 2000 orders of its FIVE-0 fingerprint scanning device within its first month of availability, the company has announced.

Integrated Biometrics Reports 2000+ First Month Orders of FIVE-0 DeviceThe FIVE-0 is a 10-fingerprint scanner designed to be small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket, largely thanks to its use of thin film transistor technology. The device has FBI FAP50 certification and is AFIS compatible, and offers rugged resistance to environmental factors like dirt, heat, cold, and strong light.

In a statement announcing the sales achievement, Integrated Biometrics did not specifically name its clients, but did say that they include identity management providers in the UK, EU, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Japan, “as well as multiple United States Federal agencies and commercial organizations.”

The company asserted that “this exceptional level of single-month demand demonstrates enthusiastic market validation” for the FIVE-0. It also may reflect growing demand from a government sector growing increasingly interested in biometric technology for border control and investigative applications.

Integrated Biometrics added that it has expanded its production capacity in order to meet the demand.

June 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala