Innovatrics Passes NIST’s MINEX III Test

Innovatrics Passes NIST's MINEX III Test

Innovatrics, a Slovakia-based biometric software developer, has become the first fingerprint technology company to pass the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) MINEX III test, the company has announced. The company also achieved a number of first-place rankings in the areas of accuracy and interoperability.

The Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III test is designed to test against the US government’s fingerprint template generators and matchers for its Personal Identity Verification Program (PIV). Submissions to MINEX III are tested on a huge dataset and are required to generate two million fingerprint templates and to perform three million matching operations. PIV compliance is required for a number of public and private tenders around the world, and as such, success in the test is a huge achievement for Innovatrics.

In a statement, the company’s CTO, Jan Lunter, expressed pride on behalf of the company at its success, asserting that its attainment of “one of the top positions in both interoperability and the native accuracy ranking shows our dedication to quality, innovation and furthering the field of biometrics and recognition technologies.”

NIST is performing an increasingly important role in establishing and maintaining standards for the biometric identification and authentication industry, administering a number of different tests for various aspects of such technologies, and also influencing the industry via its new membership with the FIDO Alliance. NIST has also had an important galvanizing effect in focusing industry attention on specific issues and needs in the world of biometric identification. Compliance with its tests and standards is thus of considerable value to any company in the field.

August 31, 2015 – by Alex Perala