Industry News Roundup: Biometric Conferences, Conveniences and Coolness

March 16, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

This week saw the announcement of two major biometrics industry conferences, both being held in the next seven days, one in Washington DC, the other in Hong Kong. CARTES Asia will be offering a look at innovations in smart card tech, mobile and other security solutions developed for the Asia-Pacific market, while connect:ID will be taking a broad focus on all verticals experiencing a renewed period of excitement and growth.

In Washington, from March 17 to 19, the IBIA and Science Media Partners are providing the opportunity for vendors and professionals in biometrics and identity the opportunity to explore and celebrate the innovations across all verticals that this new generation of security tech has become responsible for.

The event, being held in the Ronald Reagan Center, is being sponsored by a number of major names in identity, but the top spot on connect:ID’s list of financial supporters belongs to recent GREAT Business Innovation Award winner Cross Match Technologies, who announced mid-week that it has secured the title of Platinum Sponsor. Along with maintaining a substantial presence at the conference and exhibition, Cross Match will also be responsible for a panel on the role of the biometric soldier in the battlefields of today and the future.

Lumidigm, the pioneer of multispectral fingerprint recognition that was recently purchased by HID Global, will be in attendance at connect:ID as well. Having announced this week that it will be deploying its sensors across West Africa in an expansion of the VaxTrac vaccination management system, the company will be offering a demonstration of its technology that is helping save lives. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story has to do with how the patient management system is gaining traction in the region: clinical users of VaxTrac are chalking it up to the fact that patients think biometrics are cool.

The Lumidigm sensors are also ideal for this kind of deployment because their multispectral nature allows them to function accurately in dire circumstances, whether that be inclement weather or dirty or scarred fingers.

Suprema has launched a solution this past week that also boasts the ability to operate in non ideal weather. Its BioEntry W physical access control terminal is designed for outdoor security purposes and is appropriately durable.

Durability and coolness go a long way in creating ideal adoption circumstances in situations that are harsh or require civilian acceptance respectively, but one thing can always guarantee a warm welcome from end users and that’s convenience. BIO-key International announced that it will be offering its fingerprint solutions to AEON Credit call centers in Malaysia to cut down on administrative redundancies, streamline time tracking and increase the accountability of representatives, ensuring that every work related transaction is pinned to an authorized identity.

Finally, Aware, Inc. had a big announcement of its own. In an exclusive interview with David Benini, the company’s vice president of marketing, Peter O’Neill got the scoop on Aware’s decision to make available the Nexa family of SDKs. It’s a major shift in Aware’s offerings, and findBIOMETRICS had to ask exactly how this would affect the company’s role in the industry.

Stay posted to findBIOMETRICS during connect:ID and CARTES Asia for up to date news on the major events, and be sure to check our sister site Mobile ID World mid week when the winners of the Asian SESAMES Awards are scheduled to be announced.