indiegogo Campaign Launched by Diamond Fortress Technologies to Fund Mobile Biometric Authentication Apps


Source: Diamond Fortress Technologies, Inc., June 7, 2013

 Today Diamond Fortress Technologies announced that it is launching an indiegogo campaign (a platform used to raise money by people all over the world) to raise funds to develop two mobile apps: WALit™, a mobile wallet app, and WALlock™, a mobile device unlock app. Using fingerprint biometric security WALit allows users to perform online purchases instantaneously while protecting the user’s credit card and identity. WALlock uses DFT’s patented innerID® fingerprint biometric authentication software to unlock a smart phone using the devices camera to capture and identify the user’s fingerprint thereby omitting the need for passwords or PIN’s.

 “If you’ve ever had to maintain multiple passwords for multiple secure sites or fumble for the right password to complete a transaction, you’ll begin to appreciate the game-changing convenience of our innerID technology,” said Chace Hatcher, CEO of Diamond Fortress Technologies. “The apps we’re looking to fund through indiegogo allow any consumer with a smart phone to securely access all their online accounts—with just a swipe of their finger. Over and above the convenience, account(s) can no longer be compromised by a single ‘discovered’ password. Going the indiegogo route has the added benefit of acquainting consumers, investors, potential technology partners and e-commerce vendors with a whole new way of conducting online transactions—whether it’s an online purchase or securely accessing personal (and company) data.”

The DFT indiegogo campaign can be viewed at: