Indian Railways Reportedly Preparing Aadhaar-Based Ticketing

India’s Aadhaar biometric ID program continues to broaden its reach into everyday life in the country, with Indian Railways reportedly preparing to use it for passenger ticketing.

Indian Railways Reportedly Preparing Aadhaar-Based TicketingSources close to the rail transit organization say that Aadhaar ticketing will first be implemented for reserved tickets, but will eventually be required for all passengers. A customer’s Aadhaar number will be issued on the train ticket itself, allowing authorities to ensure that travelers are who they say they are, and potentially helping to cut losses stemming from fraudulent claims to ticket subsidies, such as discounts for the elderly.

As India Today points out, the move could face legal complications, given that India’s Supreme Court still hasn’t definitively determined whether Aadhaar can be used for purposes beyond food and gas subsidies from the government. But with over a billion citizens enrolled and Aadhaar finding links even to citizens’ everyday banking activities, it certainly appears that Aadhaar is on track for expansion in the country, with benefits soon to extend to the rail travel industry.

Source: India Today

July 7, 2016 – by Alex Perala