Imprivata Launches EPCS Platform in UK

Imprivata has launched its flagship EPCS platform, Confirm ID, in the UK.

Imprivata Launches EPCS Platform in UKAnnouncing its availability in a statement, the company highlighted its security features, including its fingerprint-based login capability. In so doing, Imprivata also pointed to a serious need for such security, citing a recent Information Commissioner’s Office report on the National Health Service that found, among other issues, that 87 percent of healthcare staff can log in to multiple devices simultaneously, and that 44 percent don’t even have unique login credentials.

Putting these figures into broader context, Imprivata CEO Omar Hussain asserted that in the healthcare sector, “data breaches remain a growing threat across Europe and other regions around the world, impacting both patients and providers alike.” Hussain added that Imprivata offers “tools that provide the highest standard of security but give clinicians quick, and easy access to data through convenient authentication methods.”

First launched early last year, Confirm ID was recently upgraded to integrate the Capsule SmartLinx Neuron 2 clinical computer. Imprivata is currently showcasing Confirm ID alongside its other solutions at UK e-Health Week in London.

April 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala