Imprivata Offers eSignature Platform for Medical Prescriptions

Smart Cards and Cloud Technology Bolster Patient ID in MaineImprivata, an IT security company focused on healthcare, has announced the launch of a new electronic medical prescription platform. Imprivata Confirm ID is now available for medical professionals to prescribe controlled substances digitally, allowing for greater efficiency and reliability of documentation and records-keeping.

The new platform can be integrated with electronic health records and uses a two-factor authentication process that has been approved by the DEA. That process entails the use of fingerprint identification in conjunction with one-time-password tokens, and it allows medical professionals to provide a consistent e-signature for all electronic prescriptions. Speaking in a press release, Imprivata CEO Omar Hussein pointed to the many drawbacks of the rising use of paper-based prescriptions, including “clinical workflow inefficiencies” and “decreasing patient satisfaction”, and noted that Imprivata Confirm ID provides “a comprehensive, integrated product that simplifies the adoption of regulatory requirements for EPCS [Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances] and enables fast, secure e-prescribing of controlled substances.”
Healthcare work is increasingly digital as medical professionals and patients alike adopt new technologies to track and share health statistics – for example, the Drchrono app allows medical professionals to electronically access patient records via their iPhones’ TouchID fingerprint-scanning authentication, while immediate access to electronic records (again via biometric technology) could soon save lives at the front lines of on-site medical treatment as paramedics start to use myLife-Touch devices. As more and more of these digital records emerge, it only makes sense that medical professionals will continue to turn to electronic prescriptions to keep in step.
February 9, 2015 – by Alex Perala