Imprivata Teams with Patient Data Integrity Specialist

Imprivata has teamed up with Just Associates, a company specializing in data integrity services for the healthcare sector.

Imprivata Teams with Patient Data Integrity SpecialistIt’s a natural fit, given Imprivata’s use of biometric technology for patient identification. Its PatientSecure solution uses palm vein recognition to accurately match patients to their corresponding healthcare records, helping to reduce duplication and improve outcomes. Now, as the companies explain in a statement announcing their collaboration, with Imprivata’s solutions “proactively eliminating the creation of duplicate and overlaid medical records,” Just Associates’ solutions will be covering the other end of patient records by “retroactively cleaning up patient data”.

Commenting on the partnership, Imprivata Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sean Kelly pointed beyond matters of administrative efficiency in the need for accurate patient data management, asserting that Imprivata and Just Associates’ efforts will help “to combat the issues related to patient safety and medical errors due to duplicate medical records.”

News of the partnership comes soon after Imprivata’s announcement that it had become a General Member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, a non-profit consortium concerned with promoting low-cost, universalized systems for healthcare professionals to access patient data.

September 26, 2017 – by Alex Perala