ImageWare Gets Three New US Patents

ImageWare Systems has received approval for three new US patents, the company has announced. These latest additions bring its total US IP roster to 19 patents.

ImageWare Gets Three New US PatentsThe patents all directly concern the company’s biometric identity management technology. One of them, “Anonymous Biometric Identification”, is the third in a trio of patents covering the cloud-based storage of anonymous biometric templates. Another, “Multi-Modal Biometric Database Searching Methods”, concerns systems enabling multiple biometric modalities to be compared with respect to identity searches; and a third patent, “Systems and Methods for Biometric Data Management Using Relational Database Management Systems”, is designed to stop third parties from copying its biometric data management system into traditional SQL databases.

In a statement announcing the patent approvals, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller asserted, “As this list of patents continues to grow, we are better positioning ourselves for the fast-growing biometric industry.” Indeed, and for that reason, it’s quite possible that this news will find its way into ImageWare’s corporate update scheduled for tomorrow. In any case, the approvals should help to strengthen the company’s position going forward, and offer further good news in the wake of ImageWare’s announcement of new client FEMSA last week.

May 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala