ImageWare Highlights Gartner Research Ahead of AWS Launch

As it prepares for its big Amazon Web Services launch, ImageWare is highlighting the findings of a joint publication with Gartner on user authentication.

ImageWare Highlights Gartner Research Ahead of AWS LaunchBuilding on research from Gartner’s Market Guide for User Authentication, ImageWare points out that 63 percent of last year’s data breaches involved weak or stolen passwords. That’s a serious issue in light of the fact that half a billion new devices went online in 2015, with a wide swath of those being potentially vulnerable to such attacks.

For its part, ImageWare is preparing a refined Software-as-a-Service solution. It’s going to launch its flagship GoVerifyID system on a SaaS model via Amazon Web Services, offering companies an end-to-end, cloud-hosted security platform based on biometric authentication.

Given that GoVerifyID has already seen multiple high-profile integrations with previous partners, it’s no surprise that the company says its multimodal, multi-factor platform is now proving popular in its AWS SaaS iteration, with multiple clients already signing up as resellers. And given Gartner’s finding that many organizations prioritize the user experience in seeking authentication solutions, the simplicity of biometric authentication, together with its cloud-based scalability, should attract even more interest in GoVerifyID’s AWS offering as it goes live.

May 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala