ImageWare Eyes Growth with New Board Appointment

ImageWare has appointed tech industry veteran Dana Kammersgard to its board of directors.

ImageWare Eyes Growth with New Board Appointment

The appointment suggests anticipated growth on the company’s part. Kammersgard is a co-founder of Artecon, for which he served as director when it merged with Box Hill Systems Corp. in 1999 to create data storage company Dot Hill Systems. After serving in executive positions with Dot Hill, Kammersgard joined the management team of Seagate Technology, which acquired Dot Hill last year for $694 million.

In other words, Kammersgard was an important figure in these growing companies, and that experience, along with his IT expertise, appears to have made him a valuable pick for ImageWare’s board. Commenting in a statement, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller said “Dana has a track record for taking small organizations and substantially growing them to be leaders in their respective industries,” adding that he “will be a valuable asset to ImageWare as we look to expose our technology to the large commercial market and seize on the opportunity in the growing biometric space.”

The appointment comes as ImageWare prepares to launch its flagship biometric identity platform on Amazon Web Services, which should expose it to a wider swath of the enterprise market. The company is also seeking to continue momentum from other fronts too, and to that end it’s clearly banking on some valuable help from its newest board member.

May 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala