ImageWare Announces Canadian Patents

ImageWare has announced that it has won approval for two Canadian patents pertaining to its IWS Biometric Engine.

ImageWare Announces Canadian PatentsOne of the patents, titled ‘Multimodal Biometric Platform‘ and issued in November of last year, describes a system that revolves around a biometric matching engine, which uses an assortment of biometric processors specifically designed to assess a particular modality, each one sending data through a central router to the matching engine, which can then transmit data back to the router. The other patent, ‘Multimodal Biometric Analysis‘ and issued this past August, outlines an authentication system based on two values – either two different biometric readings, or a pair of readings assessed by two different algorithms.

As such, the patents appear to cover essential components of ImageWare’s IWS Biometric Engine, which is designed to enable enrollment and authentication based on a range of biometrics including fingerprint, facial, iris, palm, retina, voice, and DNA modalities, as well as signature recognition. In a statement announcing the patent approvals, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller said his team is “gratified by the issuance of such a foundational patent in the country of Canada on our groundbreaking IWS Biometric Engine.”

News of the patents arrives on the heels of ImageWare’s corporate update for the third quarter of this year, in which the company reported higher year-over-year revenues.

November 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala