IDtech360 Partners With Iris ID To Offer Entire Biometric Product Line

Iris Biometrics

Iris ID’s product line includes the iCAM7000 non-invasive reader, which features both 1:N identification and 1:1 verification at very high speeds. The solution is ideal for high throughput deployments.

Today, IDtech360 announced that it has partnered with Iris ID Systems (formerly the Iris Technology Division of LG Electronics) in an agreement that will see the biometric tech distributor offering the entirety of Iris ID’s product line.

The partnership is major news for IDtech360, a company that launched in the second half of 2014 in order to bring a wide variety of high quality of biometric access and identity products to the underserved American markets. Iris ID is a global company specializing in iris recognition, and its much lauded IrisAccess technology (which addresses hardware and software needs) will be a great boon to IDtech360’s business.

Founder and CEO of IDtech360, Seth Miller, calls Iris ID’s product line and technology the most well developed in the field of iris recognition.

“In addition to their non-contact user interface, Iris ID offers iris solutions that are user friendly and offer the flexibility to integrate with a clients’ existing access control platform,” says Miller. “IDtech360 is excited about our partnership with Iris ID and looks forward to furthering the acceptance of iris recognition here at home.”

According to Charles Koo, president and CEO of Iris ID, the companies have a strong relationship. Iris ID is committed to setting the standard in iris recognition technology, and this partnership will further the company’s already impressive reach. As of the writing of this article, Iris ID technology is deployed on six continents in a wide variety of situations.

Most recently, Iris ID announced its integration with Electoral Services International, bringing iris recognition to voter registration. The company’s IrisAccess deployment in Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, was also featured in our biometric border control month list of notable examples of biometric airport security around the world.

January 6, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter