IDtech360 Enters The Market, Connects Clients With Identity Management

A new company has entered the identity management arena to answer the growing demand for fully integrated biometric solutions in the United States. IDtech360 announced this week that it has launched its operations as a US distributor of biometric identity and access products.

Multifactor Biometrics

IDtech360’s business is based on the idea that different modalities are optimal in different situations. This concept, that no one solution solves every problem, was a big topic at Biometrics UnPlugged this year.

The company’s founder and CEO, Seth Miller, says that he saw the opportunity to represent the big overseas players in biometrics in the US. Specifically, he recognized the need for a company in the States that could connect integrator groups and users with the offer of multiple biometric modalities. This approach offers clients the flexibility to choose the best solution for any given deployment.

“IDtech360’s advantage rests in the ability to bring truly integrated biometric solutions to our clients based on their unique needs,” says Miller. “The other side of that has to do with the fact that we know our suppliers well. Our goal is to build and maintain solid relationships from both ends.”

“We are in a unique position to offer clients multiple integration options, which will allow them to select the best modalities for their needs,” he continues. “Our superior functionality, performance, and pricing, not to mention our commitment to technical training and support, make us the appealing choice for today’s security conscious organization.”

Miller brings with him a strong sense of the global biometrics market, having worked for Lumidigm – a fingerprint biometrics company specializing in multispectral imaging technology – as its director of international business development.  According to a press release announcing the launch of IDtech360’s operations, the company is specifically focusing on catering to the higher education market.

September 30. 2014 – by Peter B. counter