IDtech360 and Virdi Partner To Bring Biometric Time and Attendance Stateside

Biometric identity and access product distributor IDtech360 has announced its partnership with Virdi, a South Korea based biometric technology manufacturer.

“Virdi is thrilled to be working with IDtech360,” says Steve Yoo, an account manager in Virdi’s international sales division who looks forward to a successful and rewarding relationship with his company’s new partner.

Fingerprint BiometricsVirdi’s products are fingerprint biometrics based and cover a wide range of applications including physical access control, time/attendance tracking and home automation, which is becoming increasingly popular as M2M connectivity and the Internet of Things becomes more ppervasive

In this partnership, however, IDtech360 will be carrying a number of components that comprise Virdi’s restricted access solution. The carried solutions include Virdi’s indoor and outdoor fingerprint terminals, its RF and smart card access control system and a combination time,attendance and meal management server. Additionally, IDtech360 will also distribute Viridi’s People Count System.

Seth Miller, founder and CEO of IDtech360, says that the advantage that Virdi provides users is its ability to build integrated systems, reaching beyond just one physical setting.

He says, “We believe that the features the Virdi product line has to offer-namely, access control and time and attendance-make it an especially appealing solution for those groups looking for an all-in-one solution for identity management.”

IDtech360 is new on the biometrics scene, announcing its start of operations in September of this year. With a strong focus on the education market, the biometrics distributor aims to brinf internationally successful biometric and identity solutions providers to the United States markets.

October 27, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter