IDEX Receives Repeat Sensor Order From Taiwan-based Mobile Customer

IDEX is celebrating another technology integration with a repeat customer. A Taiwan-based mobile OEM has incorporated the company’s Cardinal Q sensor into a new device.

IDEX Gets Another Order from Repeat Mobile CustomerIn a statement announcing the integration, IDEX again declined to name the client, but said that it had received multiple orders from this same company earlier this year. IDEX Worldwide Sales SVP Yang Chiah Yee added that this “is the first of several expected launches” featuring the Cardinal Q sensor.

The integration comes as IDEX works with partner Safran Identity & Security to develop a solution in an adjacent market area that is really starting to heat up – biometric smart cards. With those efforts progressing along, IDEX’s success in garnering orders from the mobile sector suggests growth for the company, and may help to account for the rising investor interest it reported last month.

December 1, 2016 – by Alex Perala