IDEX Points to ‘Billion Unit Potential’ in Pitch to Investors

IDEX is making its pitch to investors and analysts at a couple of financial conferences.

IDEX Points to 'Billion Unit Potential' in Pitch to InvestorsToday, the company’s CFO, Henrik Knudtzon, delivered a presentation at the DNB Nordic Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Conference in Oslo. Knudtzon’s presentation focused on opportunities in the mobile, Internet of Things, and biometric smart cards market, which together offered “billion unit potential”. IDEX’s focus on the emerging biometric smart card market was also present in the company’s recent quarterly report, with signs that considerable market potential could soon be realized.

The company also emphasized the quality and cost advantages of its off-chip sensor technology, with only Synaptics sharing in this unique technological approach. And the presentation noted IDEX’s expert leadership team, its debt-free balance sheet with $50 million USD on hand, and its 221 granted and pending patents.

A similar pitch is likely to be made at next month’s J.P. Morgan Small/Mid Cap CEO Conference in London on September 12th, which will feature the participation of IDEX’s executive leadership.

August 22, 2017 – by Alex Perala