IDEX AGM and Q1 Presentation to Focus on Biometric Cards Progress

IDEX AGM and Q1 Presentation to Focus on Biometric Cards Progress

Fingerprint biometrics specialist IDEX has set a date for its Annual General Meeting: It will take place on May 9th at the Vika Atrium Conference Centre in Oslo, starting at 9am local time.

The news comes alongside the publication of IDEX’s Annual Report for 2018. Its fiscal results are consistent with the preliminary results issued by IDEX at the end of February; and, as with IDEX’s announcement at that time, they come with a strong emphasis from the company’s leadership on IDEX’s strategic positioning in the area of biometric cards.

Noting that IDEX launched its new flexible, low-power fingerprint sensor for contactless cards in 2018, the report indicates that last year also saw the launch of initial trials of the technology, which have seen “very good feedback from customers.” IDEX’s report also notes that last year it launched a more secure version of its biometric matching software for payment cards, and that this solutions “was the first to pass a preliminary CAST security review with Mastercard.” On that note, the report went on to emphasize the importance of IDEX’s longstanding partnership with Mastercard, which “has enabled both companies to drive the evolution of the biometric payment card market.”

More related information may be forthcoming at IDEX’s AGM, where CEO Stan Swearingen will deliver a presentation on the company’s Q1 results for 2019. IDEX says the presentation is open to the public, and will be broadcast on the web as well.

April 17, 2019 – by Alex Perala