New Identity Consultancy Brings Biometrics Experience

There’s a new identity consultancy firm on the block. Called Identity Strategy Partners, or IdSP, the group has been founded by Mark Crego and Janice Kephart, who offer a combined experience in the identity and security field of almost 35 years.New Identity Consultancy Brings Biometrics Experience

Crego spent 18 years at Accenture, and during that time he also spent five years serving as the Chief Architect of the Department of Homeland Security’s US VISIT program, now called the Office of Biometric Identity Management. According to a statement announcing IdSP, he also “was responsible for the private-public partnership that developed the standards for fingerprint collection at US borders, the world’s first biometric border program,” and he served as Accenture’s Biometric Services lead in the company’s involvement with Aadhaar, India’s massive biometric national ID program.

Kephart, meanwhile, has been influential on the government policy side of things. She twice served as border counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee and the 9/11 Commission, and she founded the Secure Identity & Biometric Association as well as its Air Entry-Exit Working Group. In the private sector, she has worked for BORDERPOL as its Americas Director, and was MorphoTrak’s Homeland Security Director.

Now, with IdSP, the two are seeking to offer their expertise on identity and security matters in a range of areas, from business development to communications to education. Crego and Kephart are based in Washington, DC.

February 3, 2017 – by Alex Perala