Identify Security Software Inc. Bets on Hybrid of Existing Identification Technologies

Identify Security Software Inc. has introduced its new security platform, iDenitfyME, which uses a combination of biometric and visual identification technologies in pursuit of identity security management. This Digital-Analog Hybrid technology is intended to be autonomous, identifying users without requiring their active participation in the process. The technology is designed to mine the wealth of identity information available via perpetual observation of users, with its sensors able to identify and track individuals persistently as long as they are within range.
A newcomer to the field, Identify Security Software Inc. operates on a model of co-opting existing identification technologies and feeding their data through its proprietary Logical Inference Processing system, which is designed to amalgamate the data into a coherent overall picture of a given user’s identity.
The company debuted an introductory video on YouTube, titled “Password be gone.”
September 29, 2014 – by Alex Perala