IDEMIA Enhances and Rebrands Alabama eID Solution

IDEMIA Enhances and Rebrands Alabama eID Solution

IDEMIA‘s eID app for the state of Alabama has undergone a rebranding, possibly signalling plans for its expansion to new markets.

The Alabama eID app was first launched in a 2017 pilot project. A collaboration between IDEMIA and the Alabama Department of Revenue, the project sought to enable Alabamans to file their taxes through the app, which uses facial recognition and document reading technology to identify and authenticate the end user – a selfie-based approach to authentication that has proven highly popular in the financial services sector in recent years.

Now, IDEMIA has announced a name change for the app, changing it from Alabama eID to IDEMIA eID. In a statement, the company did not offer a rationale for the name change, focusing instead on an upgrade that the company described as optimizing the app for the latest iPhone devices and Android operating system. But the name change clearly paves the way for end users to become familiar with IDEMIA eID as an app that isn’t necessarily tied to the state of Alabama, which in turn suggests that IDEMIA could be preparing to roll it out in additional states in the future.

The company certainly has a decent case to make for the solution based on its experience with the ADOR. It says the app made the tax return and refund process for Alabamans who used it 60 percent faster on average, with Alabama Revenue Commissioner Vernon Barnett attesting that IDEMIA “has been an outstanding partner” to the state’s tax authorities.

February 7, 2019 – by Alex Perala