Peer Recognition Sheds Light on IBM Scientist’s Cutting-Edge Work in Digital Security

An IBM computer scientist is gaining new prominence as he works on cutting-edge identity solutions for his employer. At the recent Eurocrypt 2017 conference, Dr. Jan Camenisch was named a Fellow of the Association for Cryptological Research for his work in the field, Camenisch having published over 120 papers and holding 127 patents.Peer Recognition Sheds Light on IBM Scientist's Cutting-Edge Work in Digital Security

The recognition underscores the importance of Camenisch’s current and ongoing work. In 2013 he was awarded a  €2.4 million grant by the European Research Council to develop an online authentication system based on biometrics, hardware tokens, and a memorizable password, while also allowing users to interface with encrypted data without having to decode it.

Camenisch is also working on a system called Identity Mixer, which is designed to enable authentication without the need for the user to divulge any personal information. The mechanism by which this system operates isn’t yet clear, but Camenisch is working from IBM’s R&D lab in Zurich to bring integrate Identity Mixer into IBM Blockchain.

Camenisch’s work offers another indication of IBM’s interest in exploring new technological areas for digital security and authentication, and indicates the importance of having the brightest minds applied to such pursuits.

May 8, 2017 – by Alex Perala