IBM Among Zelle’s New Technology Partners

The Zelle payments network now has four new technology partners – ACI Worldwide, CGI, D3 Banking Technology, and IBM.

IBM Among Zelle's New Technology PartnersIn a statement announcing the partnerships, Early Warning Services, the payments network’s provider, indicated that its new partners “will provide design, development and integration solutions and services to accelerate the adoption of Zelle at their financial institution clients.”

The company also emphasized the security of its network. Earlier this year, Early Warning Services announced it would offer network participants the use of Payfone technology designed to analyze device and network metadata for potential fraud threats; and NuData’s behavioral biometrics technology is also available to scan end user behavior for fraud risks. Zelle network participants also have access to secure messaging, pattern recognition, and biometric security solutions through the Zelle Risk Services portfolio.

The specifics of how Zelle’s new technology partners will further enhance the platform are not yet clear, but the collaboration of major names like IBM suggests growing excitement over Zelle, while Early Warning Service’s focus on digital security reflects the financial sector’s growing awareness of digital threats more broadly.

October 30, 2017 – by Alex Perala