HYPR Platform Integrates Eyeprint ID

HYPR has teamed up with EyeVerify and will integrate its Eyeprint ID technology into the HYPR Biometric Security Suite.

HYPR Platform Integrates Eyeprint IDEyeprint ID is a biometric authentication system that analyzes the eye vein patterns of users. It’s designed for mobile applications, using standard smartphone cameras for its biometrics scans; as such, it has garnered considerable interest from the FinTech community and others. Now, with its integration into HYPR’s biometric platform, it’s going to be aimed at HYPR’s enterprise customers as a FIDO Certified biometric security solution.

In a statement announcing the integration, HYPR emphasized the advantages of its “device- and modality-agnostic platform,” which allows for this kind of wholesale technological integration. “Our partnership with EyeVerify is another example of how open standards are driving secure biometric authentication to create an opportunity-rich ecosystem where interdependent parties align to serve end user preferences”, the company asserted.

HYPR has positioned its platform as a security solution featuring biometrics and tokenization that could prevent major data breaches such as last year’s OPM hack attack. With Eyeprint ID added to its arsenal, HYPR should be able to make an even stronger case going forward.

April 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala