Hungary Launches Biometric eIDs

Hungary Launches Biometric eIDsThe government of Hungary has launched a new electronic identification card for citizens.

In addition to the biographic information common to government-issued ID cards, the new eID cards also feature optional biometric fingerprint and electronic signature data. Speaking to the press, Interior Ministry state secretary László Tasnádi called it a “one-stop card” that could “open the doorway to digital public administration.” Those comments suggest that the Hungarian government could ultimately be aiming at a utility similar to that of India’s biometric Aadhaar cards, which are used for a variety of purposes ranging from workplace time and attendance tracking to the administration of healthcare services.

Of course, Hungary would have a long way to go in such a project. While a little over 39,000 people signed up for the new eID card in the first five days after its launch, that’s in a country of almost 10 million, and for now the card is optional for citizens. Still, while most countries are at best experimenting with biometric electronic passports, Hungary is ahead of the curve in pursuing a technologically advanced identity solution for its citizens.

Source: Budapest Business Journal

January 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala