Hungarian Soccer Stadium Uses Biometrics to Prevent Hooliganism

A soccer stadium in Hungary is using palm vein scanners to help thwart hooliganism.

Hungarian Soccer Stadium Uses Biometrics to Prevent HooliganismCalled StadiumGuard, it has been deployed at all of the Hungarian Champion Ferencváros stadium’s 36 entry gates. Soccer fans need only to wave their hands above the scanners to gain entry.

The technology was provided by BioSec Group Ltd., which claims that in the three years since this technology was deployed, the stadium has been entirely free of violence from hooliganism. Commenting on the technology’s success in a statement, BioSec Group CEO Péter Györgydeák said it is personally gratifying, stating that “seeing mothers bringing their children to the games… is the greatest compliment for me.”

Such applications of biometric technology are being explored elsewhere, too: While soccer organizers ultimately failed to secure necessary government funding for a similar project in Scotland, Welsh police recently deployed facial recognition technology at a soccer stadium ahead of a major match, and the Dutch Football Association teamed up last summer with a security company to use biometric and GPS technology to track known soccer hooligans.

July 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala