Huawei’s Modular Data Center Supports Dubai Airport Digitization

Dubai Airport is ramping up its technological overhaul, and Huawei is playing an important role, the latter has announced.Huawei's Modular Data Center Supports Dubai Airport Digitization Huawei says it has been selected by airport authorities to provide its FusionModule1000B prefabricated, modular data center solution to provide the powerhouse for Dubai Airport’s increasingly digital operations.

It’s already the world’s biggest airport in terms of international traffic, and with Expo Dubai 2020 fast approaching and little room left for more infrastructure, airport administrators have launched the ‘DXB Plus’ program, an initiative aimed at using new technologies to upgrade and streamline airport operations. Among those technologies are smart gates offering expedited screening for Emirates ID cardholders and travelers with biometric passports and airport-specific mobile apps; and earlier this year Dubai Airport teamed up with ObjectTech to work on a passive traveler identification system based on blockchain and biometric technologies.

All of this requires some heavy duty computing, and that’s where Huawei’s prefab data center solution comes into play. As it was adapted for Dubai Airport, the system comprises 23 modules, each with their own cooling systems and other efficient technologies enabling a power usage effectiveness of under 1.6, which Huawei says is 30 percent lower than that of a standard data center. And because of the solution’s modular nature, it can be expanded as needed.

It’s therefore an important component of Dubai Airport’s overall digitization efforts, and one that could prove increasingly valuable as innovative new technologies come into play in the coming years.

October 11, 2017 – by Alex Perala