Huawei, LG Stick With FPC Sensor Tech

The Huawei GR5 Mini and the LG V20 smartphones each feature biometric sensors from Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint Cards is celebrating new integrations of its fingerprint sensor technology via two major smartphone names.Huawei, LG Return to FPC Sensor Tech

One comes by way of LG, which has integrated an FPC1035 sensor into its new LG V20 smartphone. It’s the same sensor model used in another recently announced device, the LG X Fast.

The other integration comes via Huawei, with the China-based OEM using an FPC1025 in its new GR5 Mini. And this is the same sensor model used in Huawei’s recent P9 Lite and Gr5 devices.

Clearly, the companies are satisfied with FPC’s technology as they’ve used it so far. These kinds of repeat customers are now an important component of FPC’s revenue streams from a booming mobile biometrics market, to which their latest integrations can attest.

September 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala