Huawei G7 Plus Sports Precise BioMatch Mobile

Huawei G7 Plus Features Precise BioMatch Mobile

Precise Biometrics has announced today that its Precise BioMatch Mobile software has been integrated into the new Huawei G7 Plus smartphone. Like the myriad integrations that Precise has announced over the summer, this newest achievement has come about through cooperation with sensor manufacturer Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) with whom the company entered into a fruitful strategic partnership in 2013.

According to multiple sources, including Android Headlines, the Huawei G7 Plus is a variant of the previously announced G8 mid-range smartphone which also features an FPC sensor and Precise BioMatch Mobile. The G7 Plus became available for purchase in China today, physically identical to the G8 which is sold outside of China. It is therefore no surprise that Huawei’s handset features the reported biometric capabilities.

As mentioned above, Precise Biometrics has had a remarkable summer in terms of smartphone launches. In partnership with FPC, barely a week has gone by without some announcement of a new handset featuring both companies’ technologies.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)