Homeland Security Leadership Summit to Include Presentation By Viscount

Today is the Homeland Security Leadership Summit. An invitation-only event held in New York City, this gathering is bringing together a select group of United States security directors, facility managers, cyber security experts and notable personalities in homeland security and law enforcement.

This morning, Viscount Systems announced that its CEO, Dennis Raefield, will be doing a presentation at this event.

“As one of only four companies to present at this event, Viscount has a great opportunity to showcase our security technology to many of the leading security and law enforcement officials in federal, state and local agencies,” says Raefield. “Our technology is being embraced and deployed by leading federal agencies and we plan to leverage this success into the state and city marketplace as well. This event provides the right venue to reach these decision-makers.”

Viscount’s Freedom Access Control technology will be familiar to regular readers of findBIOMETRICS, as the company is regularly announcing new deployments in Federal Agency buildings across the United States.

Freedom is notable for breaking down adoption barriers in access control deployment. It allows entry devices like biometrics to connect to and be controlled via a standard building IT network. This leveraging of existing infrastructure has obvious benefits of cutting down on installation time and material, and Viscount also notes that it’s an environmentally friendly solutions thanks to the lack of control panels required.

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