Homeland Security Corporation (HSCC) Acquires Security and Biometric Assets and Solutions

WRIGHTWOOD, Calif., May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Homeland Security Corporation (HSCC, the Company) (OTC: HSCC), a security technology company announced today the acquisition of all the security and biometric assets of Sense Security Technologies. Sense Technologies is a custom developer and solution provider of integrated hardware and proprietary software targeting the Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Time and Attendance, Access Control, and Medical Marijuana Industries, including various State marijuana security/compliance markets.

On March 18th the company announced it had formed a joint venture with Sense Technologies for the development, sale and support of additional identification methods, including Biometrics and Access control solutions to HSCC’s existing product line. The company has now formalized this joint venture into an acquisition, using shares/equity to complete the transaction.      

The assets of Sense Security Technologies will now allow HSCC to enter the law enforcement, Time and Attendance, Access Control, and multiple other markets using biometric and card based technologies, including the Medical Marijuana industry for the development of security enhanced vending devices.

The assets specifically will include the following applications and technologies: Biometrics – fingerprint, IRIS, facial, Access control – fingerprint, IRIS, smartcard, mag, proximity card, Time and attendance – card or biometrics and Perimeter security – RFID.

Additionally HSCC has acquired all of the source code, documentation, customer base, industry contacts and suppliers.   

Recently appointed President, Mr. Dore Perler said, “With the transition of the joint venture to an acquisition within the company, the company now has diverse base of assets within the security sector. We are now confident moving forward we can execute our new plan to become a competitor within the security sector. ” 

About Homeland Security Corporation HSCC is a leading innovator, consultant and implementer of security driven technologies that can be deployed in any environment to meet a client’s security or regulatory needs. Our primary mission is to protect people, property, infrastructure, and our clients’ high value assets by mitigating threats, guiding regulatory agencies, and integrating new and novel technologies.


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