Hitachi’s New System Identifies Based on Face, Attire, Age, Sex, and More

Hitachi has announced a new video surveillance system designed to be able to track individuals based not only on their faces, but what they’re wearing, their age, their sex, and various other factors.Hitachi's New System Identifies Based on Face, Attire, Age, Sex

The company says the system is able to identify more than a hundred such characteristics, and once it has targeted a particular individual, it can track that person regardless of changes in lighting or angle. Speed is an important factor in this process; in a statement, Hitachi asserted that “an image of the same person can be extracted from among several ten thousands of recorded images in less than 1 second.”

In announcing the system, Hitachi highlighted its public safety applications, continuing its positioning as a government-focused vendor after this month’s CeBIT 2017 expo, where the company helped to promote the Japanese government’s vision of a ‘Society 5.0’ future.

It’s an area that other companies are targeting as well, as the state of the art in crowd surveillance continues to grow more sophisticated, and governments begin to see its benefits in public safety and security.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)