New HID Global Smart Card Brings PIV Compliance to Gov’t Visitors

HID Global has announced a new smart card for government access control. Called the HID Crescendo Temporary Access Card, it’s designed to let government authorities issue visitor cards that offer the same PIV and PIV-I compliance found on standard issue government smart cards.New HID Global Smart Card Brings PIV Compliance to Gov't Visitors

The card is based on public key infrastructure, leveraging HID Global’s IdenTrust digital certificate technology to ensure that each visitor ID card is secured with a digital certificate at issuance. And the company says it can be easily deployed in any FIPS 201-compliant government facility.

The HID Crescendo Temporary Access Card solution arrives in the wake of new US Office of Management and Budget regulations pushing government agencies toward PIV cards for access control, with HID Global VP Brad Jarvis asserting in a statement that government authorities have “recognized the need to make sure that visitors to government agency buildings are using the most secure credentials available and can be trusted.”

With government agencies now looking more actively for advanced access control solutions, HID Global’s prediction that this year would see the growing adoption of smart cards appears to be being borne out; and indeed, some government authorities may look beyond HID Global’s smart card solutions to technologies like fingerprint authentication for extra-sensitive security needs as they seek to upgrade their systems.