HID Global Issues 2017 Trend Predictions

HID Global has issued its top trend predictions for 2017.

HID Global Issues 2017 Trend PredictionsOne is the continuing adoption of mobile devices and smart cards, trends that will require further adoption of trusted identity solutions. It’s a prediction that appears likely to come true, given recent reports on the rise of biometric mobile devices, and major companies’ efforts to pioneer biometric smart cards.

Tied to this are two other predicted trends: The embedment of trusted identities into devices themselves, and the increasing use of trusted identity solutions in the many devices going online to comprise the emerging Internet of Things. Meanwhile, cloud-based digital identity systems will increasingly merge with on-premises counterparts to help streamline identity management in the enterprise.

Last year’s predictions from HID, which revolved around the rise of mobile security and the growing importance of users’ privacy, security, and experiences, saw some real-world validation, so there may be good reason to bear HID’s latest predictions in mind as 2017 unfolds.

January 11, 2017 – by Alex Perala