Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: The Roundup

February has come to an end and with it we must bring Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017 to a close. For the past four weeks FindBiometrics has turned its focus to biometrics, authentication, and identity technology in the healthcare space, with featured articles, exclusive interviews, and breaking news coverage in this exciting vertical market. Read on to see some of the highlights from Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017.

Getting Up To Speed

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupThe healthcare biometrics market is filled with potential when it comes to strong authentication. In week one of our featured focus, we presented a collection of the biggest trends and developments in the realm of medical professionals, along with the latest industry research, as part of a primer designed to get you up to speed. Follow the link below to learn about what the healthcare market looked like at the start of the month.

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: The Primer

Diving Into Healthcare Biometrics

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupOur featured content for February looked at the many ways biometric authentication is changing the health space. In week two we examined some of the biometric applications that share overlap with the enterprise markets in week three we looked at how biometrics can address the growing problem of medical identity theft, and in week four we took a broader view, asking the question: are biometrics the key to the health IT industry? Follow the links below and find out the answer.

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: Applications Outside of EHR

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: Biometrics Fighting Health Fraud

Are Biometrics The Key to the Health IT Industry?

HIMSS 2017

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupFebruary is a perfect time for Healthcare Biometrics Month because it also coincides with the HIMSS conference and exhibition.  This year the conference featured a strong biometrics presence from the likes of BIO-key, NextGate, and HID Global. ImageWare Systems was there too, and in advance of the conference we interviewed Tom Evangelisti, the company’s director of Mobile Business Development, on the topic of biometrics in healthcare.

INTERVIEW: Tom Evangelisti, Director, Mobile Business Development, ImageWare Systems

NextGate to Tout Benefits of Biometrics at HIMSS17

‘Largest Gathering’ of Healthcare Partners Presents Opportunity for BIO-key

Biometrics Shaping Healthcare Tech Trends: HID Global

Healthcare Biometrics in the News

Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupFebruary also had its share of healthcare ID headlines in the industry news. New integrations and deployments brought biometrics to patient management systems, while Safran Identity & Security scored a six-year health card contract with the French Government, and we reported on biometric medical product launches.

Check out some of the top healthcare biometrics headlines from February:

Biometric Pill Dispenser Could Curb Substance Abuse

Safran Wins Six-Year Contract to Manage French Health Card Production

NextGate to Upgrade NHS Scotland Patient ID System

Partnership Brings Biometrics to Patient Matching System

CTS Embraces Biometrics for Healthcare Kiosks


Thank you for joining FindBiometrics for Healthcare Biometrics Month 2017. Stay tuned as we prepare to announce our next featured theme, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to catch all the most important news in global identity management.

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