Hawaii Travel Ad Adapts to Users’ Reactions Through Biometrics

Travel promoters are now using facial biometrics to tailor their marketing. Such a system has emerged from Expedia Media Solutions, the travel site’s media arm, and The Hawaii Tourism Authority, with the biometric technology provided by Realise.Hawaii Travel Ad Adapts to Users' Reactions Through Biometrics

The system tracks viewers’ reactions as they watch a video ad. It monitors their faces for signs of a positive reaction to the footage, and then produces a tailored travel package based on that analysis, with extra discount offers adding some extra incentive to the customized travel packages presented.

In a statement announcing the system, Hawaii Tourism Authority COO Randy Baldemor said it aligned with his agency’s “vision to make greater, more effective use of technology to promote Hawaii,” while Expedia Media Solutions SVP Noah Tratt called it “an example of the type of innovation we can bring, at scale with our global audience, to our marketing partners.”

The effort highlights the marketing applications of facial biometrics technology, with companies like NEC now offering a smart signage system that can tailor marketing messages to viewers based on demographic data like gender and age. Future smart home systems could even use the facial biometrics to determine a subject’s current mood, a concept likely to also be exploited for marketing purposes when it emerges.

Source: HospitalityNet

September 28, 2016 – by Alex Perala