Hamster Pro 20 Leverages bioLock Capabilities of SAP Systems

SeguGen Hamster Pro 20Fingerprint reader developer SecuGen has announced that its flagship Hamster Pro 20 device is now compatible with SAP systems. The integration came by way of Realtime North America, a certified software partner with the European software giant SAP SE.

Having secured IP65 certification earlier this year, the Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint reader also meets the FBI’s FAP 20 image standards and is STQC certified, meaning it is approved for use in the ambitious Aadhaar biometric identification program used by India’s central government. Now, with its integration into SAP systems, it’s also compatible with bioLock software, allowing administrators to biometrically regulate access and authorization at a very specific level, such as for access to confidential data or in approving financial transfers. Essentially, the integration replaces the password on SAP systems with biometric fingerprint authentication.

In a press release announcing the integration, SecuGen VP Jeff Brown pointed out that the integration also allows for automatic alerts to be sent to administrators when users attempt to perform unauthorized actions, potentially making it “an integral part of an SAP data loss and insider fraud prevention system.” Meanwhile, Realtime North America COO Thomas Neudenberger praised the Hamster Pro 20 more generally, saying “it is small, rugged and works incredibly well… We are very impressed with the ergonomics and quality of this reader.”

October 28, 2015 –  by Alex Perala