Hackathon Honorees Demonstrate KnuVerse Voice Tech

KnuVerse held a hackathon for its sophisticated voice recognition technology, and it produced some interesting results. The inaugural 2016 Knurld Hackathon invited developers to use KnuVerse’s Knurld API service to develop free apps that leverage the voice recognition technology, which were then evaluated for various awards.

Hackathon Honorees Demonstrate KnuVerse Voice TechThe winner in the Android and iOS category, “Crypto Chat”, used Knurld technology to offer encrypted communications via mobile. Meanwhile, the IoT category winner points to some interesting applications of the technology in the emerging Internet of Things: “Hotel room access” allowed users to both book and access hotel rooms by voice. Other Honorable Mentions included a “Biometric Lock Screen” app and a “Biometric Cash Box”.

KnuVerse is the enterprise products arm of KnuEdge, whose voice recognition technology has been tested for years “in mission-critical battlefield conditions,” the company has said. Together with its other offerings including its KNUPATH microprocessor technology, KnuEdge’s technology helped the company to quietly attract considerable interest from Fortune 500 clients before it made its official launch last month. Now, in the wake of its Knurld Hackathon, the company’s profile is raising further, and the public is starting to get a good look at its voice technology.

July 21, 2016 – by Alex Perala