No Biometrics Lost in Hack Attack: Avanti Markets

No biometric data was compromised in the recent hack attack against smart vending machine provider Avanti Markets, the company says.

No Biometrics Lost in Hack Attack: Avanti MarketsThe company suffered the security breach over the July 4th long weekend, and was quick to inform customers that payment card information and biometric data from some Avanti Markets kiosks may have been stolen. In a new statement, Avanti Markets CEO Jim Brinton says that while some personal payment information may have been lost, he wants “to stress that contrary to early concerns, no biometric information was captured by the malware.”

Avanti Markets’ terminals use Crossmatch DigitalPersona fingerprint scanning technology. According to Brinton, the scans taken with the kiosks’ U.are.U 4500 readers “are all encrypted and were not vulnerable to this intrusion.”

The company’s emphasis on the security of customers’ biometric information points to a broader, increasing concern about the vulnerability of such data to hack attacks as more organizations in the private and public sector collect biometric credentials.

Avanti’s CEO says the company has hired a law firm and an “industry leader in cyber technology” to help determine the root cause of the breach.

July 18, 2017 – by Alex Perala