GUEST POST: TouchLock BLE Offers Security and Convenience With the Power of a Touch

The following article is a Consumer Biometrics Month sponsored guest post written by Scott Mahnken, VP of Marketing, BIO-key.

GUEST POST: TouchLock Offers Security and Convenience With the Power of a Touch

As we close out our June consumer awareness month we have yet another innovative solution from BIO-key to share.

This New Jersey tech company has always been a bit of a pioneer in the biometric space and is known for developing high performance interoperable biometric fingerprint software for more than twenty years.  Our software is used by government agencies, healthcare organizations, call centers, leading retailers and the Fortune 500.

While the company continues to grow its software business, in 2017 I started to champion the phrase the “Biometric of Things (BoT) as the company began developing a line of biometrically empowered products for consumers.

TouchLock represents the company’s commitment to delivering the BoT to consumers. The TouchLock series of biometric padlocks includes a heavy-duty version, a designer series, a bicycle lock and now a Bluetooth line of locks in various colors, which can be activated using the customers smartphone.

TouchLock BLE offers security and convenience with the power of a touch.  TouchLock BLE customers have two options for unlocking their device.  Option one is to use the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone to open the lock. Option two is to simply enter a PIN number on your smartphone to open the lock.

You can enroll multiple users; the original owner is the Admin and controls who’s authorized to enroll or who might need to be removed.

Offered in an array of fashionable colors, TouchLock BLE has a MSRP of $44.99