GTL Launches Voiceprint System for Correctional Facilities

Voice BiometricsGlobal Tel*Link (GTL), a correctional technology solutions provider, has announced the release of a new voice recognition system. Called Voice IQ, the system is designed for use in correctional facilities and is able to identify inmates on their phone calls.

The system is meant to cut down on inmate telephone fraud, and GTL says that the it uses “one of the most comprehensive natural language speaker verification tools in the speaker verification industry”, and that rather than analyzing calls after they are completed, the system can identify speakers on a phone call in real time. Moreover, Voice IQ employs an ever-growing database of voiceprints, which it builds as it scans calls over time, thereby becoming more accurate and robust as it is used. With over 1.1 million inmates currently in facilities using GTL’s inmate phone services, that could provide quite a substantial base of data over time.

This machine learning approach is similar to the voiceprint database venture recently announced by TransUnion, in partnership with OneVault. That initiative will see a database built for TransUnion customers, but the company is hoping to market the system to other companies on a pay-per-use basis.

GTL’s new system also reflects the broader trend of biometric technology finding its way into correctional facilities, whether in the form of light sensor-based blood-alcohol detection systems or fingerprint-based access control.

April 8, 2015 – by Alex Perala