Green Bit to Provide Biometric Scanners for Jordan eID Project

Biometrics specialist Green Bit has secured a deal to provide the Jordanian government with crucial technology for the country’s electronic ID project. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) has ordered an undisclosed number of Green Bit’s MultiScan527 palm- and fingerprint scanners.

Green Bit to Provide Biometric Scanners for Jordan eID Project

Green Bit is supplying its Multiscan527 biometric readers to the Jordan government for use in its eID project.

It’s a scanning device compliant with the FBI’s EBTS Appendix P standard, and certified with Appendix F. Not only can it capture a subject’s fingerprints, it also scans both the upper and lower parts of the palm, and ensures that all sections of the hand correspond with the others. And, as Green Bit International Sales Manager Christian Rutigliano disclosed in an interview with FindBiometrics last year, the device has been deployed in Europa, Africa, Asia, and the US, being used by clients such as the Illinois State Police.

In Jordan’s case, the devices will be installed at over a hundred government facilities including passport offices to enable authorities to scan the biometric credentials of citizens for Jordan’s electronic National Registry. Commenting in a statement, Green Bit COO Sergio Rainero called it “yet another great deployment for Green Bit Livescan technology”, adding, “we’re very glad to support the Jordan authorities in this groundbreaking eID initiative”.

March 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala