Green Bit Celebrates 20 Years Of Biometrics

Italy-based fingerprint biometrics specialist Green Bit is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week.

Green Bit Celebrates 20 Years Of Biometrics

Its work started in earnest back in 1997, when the company began work on its DSU 203 access control solutions. Within just a couple of years, the company got its first international tender with the support of the Italian State Police, and thanks to its VisaScan3 solution.

And Green Bit has seen a pretty busy 2017. Near the start of the year, the company appointed a new Sales VP in the US; and now Green Bit is in the finals of IARPA’s Nail-to-Nail Fingerprint Challenge with its DactyScan40i fingerprint scanning solution.

The company’s involvement in IARPA’s high-profile competition is testament to how far it has come since its humble beginnings in 1997, with Green Bit now having regional subsidiaries in the US, China, and Kazakhstan (in addition to its headquarters near Turin), and serving 150 customers across 60 countries.

September 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala