Gorilla Technology Announces Biometric Surveillance System

A new surveillance solution uses facial recognition and license plate identification technology.

Gorilla Technology Announces Biometric Surveillance SystemCalled Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder (IVAR), the solution was developed by Gorilla Technology. It can send push notifications when individuals are spotted entering restricted areas; or it can likewise be configured to spot VIPs for enhanced customer service. It can be set up to run simultaneously across four channels from a single network machine, or can be configured to record video on up to 16 channels, with two dedicated to facial and license plate recognition.

In a statement announcing the solution, Gorilla Technology highlighted its applications in “residential, commercial, and public buildings.”

IVAR’s emergence reflects a growing frontier in machine vision surveillance technologies with applications not just in security but also in customer service. NEC, for example, has previously tailored its facial recognition technology to the hospitality industry, while last September 3M Cogent – which has since been acquired by Gemalto – announced its 3M Live Face Identification System.

Gorilla Technology will showcase its solution at next week’s ASIS 2017 expo in Dallas.

September 20, 2017 – by Alex Perala