Google Adds Speech Recognition to Docs

Google Embraces Speech Recognition in Docs UpgradeGoogle has added some major new features to Google Docs for Android users. The web services now allow integrated google searches, automatic chart generation, and speech recognition.

It allows for a much-improved user experience on Android smartphones. Information can be googled directly from the app and data can be dropped into spreadsheets on the fly, with charts and graphs automatically being generated by the app. But it’s the implementation of speech recognition technology that could prove the biggest upgrade. Through Google Now, Google Docs can recognize speech in over 40 languages, allowing for effective voice control while using the app. Discussing the system in VentureBeat, Jordan Novet called it his “favorite addition” to the app, asserting that it’s now “just way easier to compose a document.”

That could reflect a growing trend tech trend as greater numbers of devices and apps integrated voice control, particularly as numerous everyday objects, lacking the usual digital user interfaces, go online as part of the Internet of Things; indeed, some experts predict that voice command technology will dramatically change the industrial infrastructure of the internet. Given Google’s prominence in the tech landscape and our everyday lives, its embrace of speech recognition technology could offer a huge push in this direction.

Source: VentureBeat

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)