Goodix Wins CES Innovation Award for Liveness-Detecting Fingerprint Sensor

Goodix has won a prestigious CES 2017 award for an innovative fingerprint sensor system with built-in liveness detection.

Goodix Wins CES Innovation Award for Liveness-Detecting Fingerprint SensorIt has become the first China-based IC company to win a Best of Innovation Award in the category of Embedded Technologies, thanks to its Live Fingerprint Detection Sensor. It’s an optical fingerprint sensor system that also uses infrared scanning to detect cardiac activity beneath the surface skin of a user’s fingerprint, ensuring that a live finger is being scanned.

In a statement acknowledging the award, Goodix CTO Dr. Bo Pi emphasized not only the enhanced security that the solution brings to mobile authentication, but also the other areas in which the infrared sensor offers applications, including “fitness, wearables, home, lifestyle and even automotive.”

In the mobile sector, the Live Fingerprint Detection Sensor has already been implemented in devices including the Gionee M2017, Meizu Pro 6 Plus, and the ZTE Axon7 Max; and ZTE will continue to showcase the solution throughout CES.

The company’s latest Innovation Award complements two it won at last year’s CES for fingerprint sensor and touchscreen technologies.

January 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala