Goodix is Officially a Biometrics Supplier For Samsung Electronics

Goodix has a big new partner: The company is now officially a supplier for Samsung Electronics.Goodix is Officially a Biometrics Supplier For Samsung Electronics

The China-based fingerprint sensor specialist says it is providing technology for the Galaxy J7 Duo, a budget smartphone aimed at the Indian market. The device is using a GW32J1 fingerprint sensor model from Goodix, positioned in a home button on the bottom of its front face.

It’s not a high-profile device, but it’s a big step for Goodix, given Samsung’s prominence. And it’s one that could lead to more collaborations between the companies: Goodix recently became the supplier for a pioneering new Huawei smartphone featuring an in-display fingerprint sensor, and Samsung is thought to be considering the technology for its own devices, too. The partnership on the Galaxy J7 Duo may represent a first step in that direction.

In any case, it’s a development that has evidently generated some excitement for Goodix. In a statement, the company asserted that its entry into Samsung’s supply chain “adds fuel to Goodix’s sustainable growth and is a milestone in the company’s overseas market expansion.”

The Galaxy J7 Duo is available in India now, at a price of Rs. 16,990, or about $255.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)